EZOfficeInventory licensed its software for the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing (Penn Nursing) to use in managing the logistics of its nursing simulation center – marking its entry into serving the medical simulation market. EZOfficeInventory is a cloud-based, asset tracking software that provides asset lifecycle management, audits and improves employee productivity.

EZOfficeInventory serves any company that needs to keep track of and scheduling its assets such as theme parks, online retail companies, and universities – and Syed Ali, CEO of EZOfficeInventory says the company’s software offers medical simulation centers an effective and efficient way to schedule the use of its equipment.

For example, Penn Nursing’s 7,000 square-foot Helene Fuld Pavilion for Innovative Learning and Simulation accommodates multiple classes to educate and train nursing students through the use of simulation equipment, ranging from basic probes and sensors to life-size programmable Patient Simulators. It’s a high-traffic facility with thousands of tools and simulation kits – and scheduling the use of its equipment and facilities to maximize its usability for student and faculty groups as well as timely maintenance is paramount – and Ali says the EZOfficeInventory software will help the school efficiently manage it all.

Six undergraduate classes and eleven graduate programs use the simulation center – which involves a wide array of educational topics and skills being taught there, according to Christian Alexy, Director of Operations for the Helene Fuld Pavilion and IT Director at Penn Nursing, who says, “This leads to high volume of inventory and EZOfficeInventory will help us organize and manage all of it."