Jamie Cernobyl happily worked as a welder for 33 years. His youngest daughter Erica went to college for sociology.

Years after both established separate careers, the nontraditional pair graduated together with associate's degrees in registered nursing from Northampton Community College on May 26.

The two did not intentionally decide to graduate together. It happened by chance that both Jamie and Erica were accepted the same year into NCC's nursing program.

Jamie Cernobyl, Upper Macungie Township, wanted to go back to school for nursing for years. He says he first tried when his three daughters were all under 10.

"It just wasn't the right time. I had a great job and growing family. It wasn't necessary or anything," he said.

At age 54, Jamie says he still felt it was his dream to be a nurse. So, three years ago, he began taking general education classes to head back to school.

Now 25 and an Allen Township resident, Erica Cernobyl says she originally went to Moravian College for nursing but later changed her major to sociology.

She was young for an incoming freshman – only 17 – and says she was not sure what she wanted to do at the time.

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