The Cannabis Care Certification (CCC) program is a new, an online program designed to provide quality information about medical cannabis to individuals who are starting or considering cannabis therapy, and healthcare professionals looking to learn about the endocannabinoid system and medical cannabis. Launched by the Americans for Safe Access, a national nonprofit dedicated to ensuring safe and legal access to medical cannabis for therapeutic use and research, and TheAnswerPage, an international resource for providing accredited continuing medical education, the Cannabis Care Certification Patient & Caregiver Education Program provides quality information to individuals who are starting or considering cannabis therapeutics and offers guidance for family members, caregivers and others interested in medical cannabis.

The program features 2-hours of video education addressing dosage, titration, labeling of cannabis therapeutics, transporting medical cannabis, and more. Those who sign up for the Patient & Caregiver Program will receive a free legal overview and list of requirements for participating in their state’s Medical Cannabis Program, and those who complete the program will receive a Cannabis Care Patient and Caregiver Certification.

The Cannabis Care Certification Medical Professional Education Program features a comprehensive, introduction from the endocannabinoid system to the therapeutic use of cannabis in multiple disease states. The content and its presentation are designed to be of educational value and interest to those new to medical cannabis therapy, and those with experience in this area of clinical practice. Successful completion of the Medical Professional Program culminates in the healthcare professional being awarded a “Cannabis Care Certification,” CME credits, a patient-education subscription and an option to be listed on the referral section of the CCC website.

Cannabis Care Certification Companies and Organizations Program can be customized for industry partners looking to enhance patient and medical professional education. Courses and lectures can also be created to address the needs of any institution, company, or organization. The program also features online tools that reference state-specific medical cannabis laws, rules and regulations.

“Presently, most healthcare providers do not have access to comprehensive quality education on the endocannabinoid system and medical cannabis,” said Stephen B. Corn, MD, an anesthesiologist with more than 30 years of experience in anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine. “Whether or not doctors or other healthcare professionals have any intention of recommending medical cannabis for patient care, they all need to be well educated in this clinical area because their patients will be seeking their expert advice and guidance for this medication. Further, some patients may already be utilizing medical cannabis and doctors and other healthcare providers will need to be aware of the physiological effects of cannabis as well as potential drug interactions and side effects. As such, expertise in medical cannabis will be necessary for most doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals,” according to Dr. Corn.

“Medical Professionals hold the key to patients having access to medical cannabis,” said Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access. “Cannabis Care Certification is the only resource of its kind that educates patients and their healthcare providers in an effort to optimize the safety and quality of medical cannabis therapy.”