In the world of medicine and healthcare professionals, simulation and virtual reality is key for medical training, education and improving patient safety. HCTAE  aims to promote the best education and training practices for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Last week, we shared part I of our list of the top 23 medical simulation videos. We have everything listed from birthing simulation to mass causalities. This is one of our most complete lists on simulation resources and patient safety and we hope you all enjoy.

The following medical simulation videos are part 2 of a 2-part article that cover topics ranging from new medical manikins to virtual reality and live surgery.

Top 25 Medical Simulation Videos (Part two)

Medical Simulation at Nemours Children's Hospital

Mannequin giving Birth - Scenario by Orlando Medical Institute Instructors

Human Patient Simulation - Sim Lab - Adult and Infant Scenarios

MESA 1 - Anaphylaxis : Managing Emergencies in Simulated Anaesthesia

Virtual Reality Can Change The Hospital Experience - The Medical Futurist

PeriopSim Medical Simulation for Perioperative Nurses

Real Surgery on Oculus Rift DK2

YOU VR - Virtual Reality Medical Training - HTC Vive

What It's Like to Simulate Surgery in Virtual Reality | Mashable News

HeARt: Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR / VR) for Medical School Learning Tool Enhancement

Virtual Reality in Medicine: New Opportunities for Diagnostics and Surgical Planning

Trauma Simulation Mannequin Demo

Synthetic Humans for Simulation & Medical Training by SynDaver Labs

Sir Lancelott Spratt - James Robertson Justice