Titan Medical is collaborating with Florida Hospital Nicholson Center for feasibility and validation studies to support Titan's regulatory application for its SPORT Surgical System. These studies are expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2017 and continue into 2018.

Titan Medical is a Canadian company focused on research and development through to the planned commercialization of computer-assisted robotic surgical technologies for application in minimally invasive surgery ("MIS"). The SPORT Surgical System the Company is currently developing is a single-port robotic surgical system that is comprised of a surgeon-controlled patient cart with a 3D vision system and multi-articulating instruments for performing MIS procedures, and a surgeon workstation that provides the surgeon with an advanced ergonomic interface to the patient cart and a 3D endoscopic view inside the patient's body during MIS procedures. With the SPORT Surgical System, the Company is looking to pursue a broad set of surgical indications, including general abdominal, gynecologic and urologic procedures.

David McNally, President and CEO of Titan Medical, said through this alliance, Titan will benefit from access to leading multispecialty key opinion leaders and their surgical expertise in fine-tuning the SPORT system during this critical development phase.

Florida Hospital Nicholson Center, says, "We are excited about helping Titan Medical benefit from the clinical expertise our institution offers in further refining their SPORT surgical system for regulatory submission."

The Nicholson Center’s new, 54,000-square-foot facility is a model for open collaborations to advance practices and standards across the entire spectrum of minimally invasive, laparoscopic, robotic, telemedicine and medical simulation, says J. Scott Magnuson, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the Nicholson Center. “It is a place where innovators come together to build upon the brilliant work of industry pioneers to achieve breakthroughs that will revolutionize the way we perform surgery. We believe that Titan's single port surgical solution holds promise for continuing the surgical revolution."