Nursing students and medical professionals at Fremont Health and Midland University will soon receive advanced hands-on training. A partnership between Fremont Health and Midland University will bring a state-of-the-art simulation center for healthcare students and professionals to get a more advanced learning experience.

The project of this facility will have a total cost of around $1 million and will be funded through philanthropic support. A $500,000 matching grant from the Rupert Dunklau Foundation was given to the Fremont Health foundation and Midland University. Additional funds will be raised while the current grant allows for the project to be executed.

Advanced Simulation Center

Being the first facility of its kind in the area, the simulation lab will be essential for students to get the appropriate education and training needed. The planned simulation lab will offer its students opportunity to practice skills, work in teams, communication and problem solving skills, real-life simulations in clinical settings, and new learning techniques. The center will be located at Fremont Health.

Midland University president, Jody Horner, said “This simulation lab is essential to the future of our nursing program and will elevate the hands-on experiences our nursing students need to be best prepared to enter the field of nursing,”

The simulation center will bring in the latest technology and advanced manikins for students to get as close to a real-life scenario as possible. The ultimate goal of this facility is to improve quality, patient safety, and the overall experience for patients. The center will allow for nursing students to get the countless opportunities to receive hands-on training and trained to become the best as they enter the field.

Additional information and donations can be made by contacting The Fremont Health foundation at 407-727-3566 or Midland University at 407-941-6523