The state of Qatar is making quality and safety a top priority for the development of their healthcare system. According to the Qatar’s Minister of Public Health, Dr. Hanan Mohamed al-Kuwari, the Qatar National Vision 2030 will emphasize on the development of a healthcare system. The healthcare system will provide high-quality health services and preventive treatment.

Qatar Healthcare and Patient safety

As they begin this development, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has launched several initiatives to improve the country’s patient safety. These national initiatives include: A national quality policy, patient safety framework, action plan to combat antimicrobial resistence, action plan for medication safety and an infection and prevention program.

During the 3rd Qatar Patient Safety Week, Dr. Hanan Mohamed al-Kuwari highlighted their mission to ensure the highest levels of patient safety through the development and provisions of the best safe and effective healthcare. The event is organized with the intent of promoting patient safety by developing laws and regulations with decision-makers in all areas of healthcare. These regulations will raise awareness about patient safety and facilitate communication between decision-makers, healthcare providers, and patients.

The Qatar Patient Safety Week includes seven tracks: leadership and culture of quality, technology and pharmacological safety, capacity building and engagement of staff, participation of patients, and their families, national guidelines for patient safety, prevention and control of infection and the decisions based on data comparable to international indicators and standards.

The Qatar Patient Safety Week includes lectures, workshops, training programs, presentations from several health practitioners and experts in the field, and a competition for local projects on improving quality and safety.

The Ministry of Health co-operates with bother regional and international entities to improve patient safety, build capacity and provide platforms in exchange for experience and vital information in the field.

During a press conference, Director of the Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Department at the Ministry Huda al-Katheeri, stated the ministry has already began setting policies and regulations. The ministry plays the role of supervisor and issuing best practices. To secure patient safety, the ministry will not issue licenses to any healthcare institution or practitioner until all patient safety standards are met. All institutions and will also have periodic visits to ensure all requirements are met.

If standards are not met, the ministry will work with institutions to improve performance and in extreme cases, licenses will be revoked.

Al-Katheeri also added that two of Qatar’s hospitals have applied for the World Health Organization’s (WHO) patient safety friendly hospital initiative standards, an awareness campaign run by the healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Department.

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