The global surgical implant company, RTI Surgical Inc., has recently announced the launch of their Fortilink-C IBF System with TERTAfuse® 3D Technology. The Fortilink-C system will be the first device of the RTI Surgical's devices to incorporate their TETRAfuse 3-D technology.

Fortilink-C IBF System with TERTAfuse® 3D Technology

"TETRAfuse 3D Technology combines the best characteristics of titanium, allograft bone and PEEK - all in one package," said Grigory Goldberg, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Princeton, N.J. "The Fortilink-C system represents a revolutionary new step in the future of spine surgery."

The Fortilink-C IBF System has a set of features, unlike all their other devices. The system is the very first 3D printed polymer-based, cervical interbody device to combine micro, macro, and nano-rough features on the implant in its entirety, and not solely on the endplate surface. The device has been developed to maintain both radiolucent and bone-like mechanical properties as well as bony ingrowth on all implant surfaces.

"The Fortilink-C system has ushered in a new beginning for cervical fusion cages - we have gone from iliac crest to cadaver bone to PEEK and titanium, and now, Fortilink-C IBF System with TETRAfuse 3D Technology," said Richard E. Nussbaum, M.D. an orthopaedic surgeon practicing in Sherman Oaks, CA and the first surgeon to implant a Fortilink-C device. "The enhanced implant design increases the surface area and, in an animal model, shows greater circumferential bony ingrowth1."

"Fortilink-C IBF System demonstrates RTI Surgical's commitment to advancing technologies and delivering innovative clinical solutions that meet the demands of our customers while improving the lives of patients," said Camille Farhat, RTI chief executive officer. "This new innovative platform will have many derivative products, and this, in addition to the map3® Cellular Allogeneic Bone Graft and our comprehensive spine hardware portfolio, brings us a step closer to a complete offering."

About RTI Surgical Inc. RTI Surgical is a globally recognized surgical implant company who equip surgeons with safe biologic, metal and synthetic implants. RTI implants are used in a verity of specializations including, sports medicine, general surgery, orthopedic, trauma, spine, and cardiothoracic procedures. Their implants are distributed in almost 50 different countries. RTI's headquarters are located in Alachua, Florida, and has four manufacturing facilities based in the US and Europe. RTI is a member of AdvaMed and is accredited in the US by the American Association of Tissue Banks. For more information, visit their website at

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