Cardionics introduced the Cardionics SimSuit, a garment worn by a Standardized Patient (SP) that simulates physiological conditions to test a student or an examiner's diagnostic and procedural skills, and developed in conjunction with Mayo Clinic.

The SimSuit is the second generation of the Cardionics SimShirt the company released last year, and offers new features such as being able to simulate a pulse an instructor has given the suit. New tubes in the shirt allow for the pulse to be taken at the wrist, elbow or neck; and EKG leads can be hooked up to retrieve a print out of the electrical activity of the heart that, again, is assigned by an instructor.

The SimSuit is controlled wirelessly by simulation software that enhances exam performance by responding in real time to diagnosis and treatment while providing feedback to the SP and instructor. The product is currently available for demonstration, and when it becomes available for purchase in August, 2018, will also have a blood pressure cuff.

Used in conjunction with Cardionics SimScope™ Wifi, instructors can adjust and adapt the suit scenarios to simulate many conditions.