Osso VR, a virtual reality (VR) surgical training technology company, launched its collaborative training feature that lets multiple surgeons train together in a single immersive VR space. The option to train collaboratively a moment’s notice offers improved learning opportunities for surgeons and surgical teams regardless of their physical locations, allowing for more efficient and frequent training sessions.

This feature means medical device companies can offer unlimited training to multiple surgeons in one session. Surgeons can train one-on-one in a virtual environment, or as a group, without taking time away from their practice. This training can also help newer staff learning to work with a surgical team, or for entire teams to learn new procedures or treatments.

Osso VR says many studies show team training positively impacts surgical processes and patient outcomes. Team training looks at more than technical skills – it focuses on communication, teamwork and leadership skills that each team member should possess. The company also says that its collaborative training feature solves one of the biggest drawbacks to existing team training paradigms that requires all members to coordinate their schedules to be in the same physical space, which is increasingly becoming more challenging in today’s hectic medical world.