MedaPhor Group, an ultrasound software and simulation company, installed a ScanTrainer OBGYN and General Medical simulator training platform at the new Ultrasound Training Academy at Central Middlesex Hospital in London, UK for the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust (LNWH). The Academy was designed to ease growing ultrasound training pressures and clinical demands across the Trust and beyond.

The Trust purchased a ScanTrainer Transvaginal Simulator (TVS) and a ScanTrainer Transabdominal Simulator (TAS) to help make training more accessible for those learning and improving their ultrasound skills.

“Historically ultrasound trainees would have completed the bulk of their learning in the clinic or by using text books,” says Tanuja Khiroya, Clinical Lead Radiology & Medical Physics, at Central Middlesex Hospital, who pioneered and led the project. “ScanTrainer represents a step-change by enabling clinicians to learn independently in a patient-safe environment before practising on patients. This ensures that trainees are not only acquiring skills faster but are well equipped and confident when it comes to scanning real patients for the first time.”