German manufacturer VRmagic launched what it say is the first slit lamp simulator, virtual reality training device that lets student ophthalmologists and optometrists perform eye examinations and diagnose diseases on simulated patient eyes.

The simulator offers all the functions of a real slit lamp and integrates VR technology in the original hardware of slit lamp model BQ 900 from Haag-Streit Diagnostics. The software simulates the anatomical structures of the eye and their microscopic visualizations in real time. A detailed and realistic simulation of healthy and pathological patient eyes lets students practice handling of the split lamp and learn to recognize relevant clinical pictures.

VRmagic will market the simulator under the name Eyesi® Slit Lamp beginning in 2019 through existing sales channels. In addition to a healthy eye, corneal and conjunctival pathologies will be available for training in the first product version. In the next step, the company will add pathologies in the posterior segment of the eye and examination with a 90D lens. VRmagic’s future plans include development of a gonioscope simulator for inspection of the iridocorneal angle between the cornea and iris and a tonometer simulator that will let students practice measurement of the intraocular pressure.

The company will introduce the Eyesi® Slit Lamp at the American Academy of Ophthalmology in Chicago October 27 to 30, 2018 and at the American Academy of Optometry in San Antonio, Texas, November7 to 10, 2018.