More than a dozen healthcare AI companies—including Owkin and Arterys— have been named as top startups in CB Insight’s third annual AI 100 list.

This is the second time medical imaging AI company Arterys has been named to the list and the first time for Owkin, an AI medical research company. The annual report by CB Insights lists the most promising private companies that provide hardware and data infrastructure for AI applications, optimize machine learning workflows and apply AI across a variety of industries.

A total of 14 healthcare AI companies were named:

  • Butterfly Network — an AI medical imaging company.
  • Mindstrong Health — an AI mental health company.
  • LeanTaaS — an AI software company for healthcare administration.
  • Atomwise — an AI drug research company.
  • Gauss Surgical — an AI surgical company.
  • Qventus — an AI-based software platform for hospitals.
  • IDx Technologies — an AI diagnostics company.
  • Arterys — a medical imaging AI company.
  • Medopad — an AI remote monitoring company.
  • — an AI diagnostics company.
  • Paige.AI — an AI diagnostics company.
  • Owkin — an AI medical research company.
  • Niramai — an AI diagnostic company.
  • Insitro — an AI drug research company.

Butterfly Network, Gauss Surgical and IDx Technologies were among the top startups with the most patent applications as of January 2018, with 98, 22 and 20 applications, respectively.

The CB Insights list includes the top AI companies across industries and is based on several factors including patent activity, investor profile, market potential, partnerships and tech novelty.