The AdventHealth Nicholson Center announced the addition of 10 new lab stations. The Nicholson center now has 60 lab stations that are equipped with 25 external cameras and are all teleconference ready.

“We have invested in new facilities and equipment that allow us to offer more training opportunities in the newest surgical techniques and technologies. We cannot remain static as the medical world around us continues to advance and change,” said J. Scott Magnuson, MD, chief medical officer at AdventHealth Nicholson Center.

The 54,000-square-foot facility has hosted more than 50,000 clinical learners from 46 different countries for labs on the most up-to-date surgical techniques available. The center offers a hands-on approach to medical training and access to innovative technologies such as the B-Hive broadcasting system and validated robotics curricula.

“This expansion showcases the Nicholson Center’s ability to grow with the industry’s constant state of innovation, but most of all, it will allow us to better accommodate our valuable partners,” said Lilly Graziani, director of corporate development at the AdventHealth Nicholson Center. “We have the privilege to work with some of the most groundbreaking companies in the medical space, so we are looking forward to having an even greater capacity for continued partnerships through this expansion.”