CAE USA has been awarded a US Army contract to provide comprehensive initial and recurrent training for more than 600 US Army and US Air Force fixed-wing pilots annually. CAE USA will provide turnkey training services in a new company-owned, company-operated training center to be built at Dothan Regional Airport in Alabama, close to the US Army's Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE) at Fort Rucker. The total value of the contract over the next eight years is expected to be approximately US$200 million. CAE is currently manufacturing a suite of training devices, including two CAE 7000XR Series C-12 King Air full flight simulators (FFSs) and two reconfigurable CAE Simfinity integrated procedures trainers (IPTs).

In addition, CAE will be developing two other CAE 7000XR Series FFSs, referred to as motherships, featuring CAE's roll-on/roll-off (RORO) cockpit design, which will enable cockpits representing various aircraft types to be used in the full flight simulator.

CAE will develop four RORO cockpits representing various configurations of the C-12 King Air aircraft used by the Army and US Air Force.

When two of the cockpits are installed on the FFS mothership, the other two can be connected to a docking station and be used as Level 6-equivalent flight training devices.