3D perception, Inc. has signed a contract to deliver an immersive visual display system to CAE in support of their contract with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Joint Aviation Command (JAC).

The high-fidelity, fixed-base flight training device (FTD) CAE is developing for the NorthStar Aviation 407 multi-role helicopter (407MRH) will feature 3D pereception's Northstar™ visual display system (unrelated to NorthStar Aviation) with an immersive 240-degree horizontal to 95-degree vertical field-of-view dome screen. The design features a high-resolution out-the-window view, with continuous, full pilot field-of-view coverage including chin windows. The display system's projectors are automatically aligned, blended, and color calibrated via Northstar's sensors embedded in the 21-foot diameter dome screen, expediting and simplifying maintenance procedures and producing a completely seamless image.