The AEgis Technologies Group Inc. has been awarded two competitively solicited contracts to create high fidelity "AAA Game Quality" Three Dimensional (3D) models for the US Army Game Studio (AGS) based out of Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. These contracts support the US Army's goal to create a library of high quality virtual 3D models for use in next generation simulations, training and gaming platforms to be distributed via the Military Gaming Portal.

AEgis was selected in a full and open, Low Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) competition against the industry's best 3D model providers, earning the right to provide the Army Game Studio with highly detailed real-time 3D models of both US and Foreign Military vehicles. The 3D models will be constructed with polygon counts averaging 50,000 polygons per model exterior ad up to 50,000 polygons per vehicle interior.

This new standard in 3D modeling being produced for the AGS contract incorporates the highest fidelity real-time 3D models to be solicited by a Department of Defense customer and delivered by a government contractor.

As part of the model delivery, AEgis is required to fully "rig" and test the models for direct integration into the Unreal 4 game engine. The models are built in accordance with a very strict 3D model specification which encompasses as many foreseeable visual simulation uses as possible, and will undergo a rigorous validation process by US Army vehicle recognition experts to ensure that the models accurately portray the real-world vehicles.