Frasca International has sold a Level 7 flight training device (FTD) for the Bell CH-139 JetRanger helicopter for use by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) No. 3 Flying Training School (3 FTS).

The new JetRanger Level 7 FTD represents a tremendous leap in technology over the Level 4 JetRanger cockpit procedures trainer (CPD). The new FTD will include Frasca's 6 Degree of Freedom (6 DoF) Motion Cueing System (FMCS) optimized for helicopter simulation and will integrate a FlightSafety VITAL 1100 visual image generation system with a Frasca 220° x 67° field of view visual display.

KF Aerospace Defence Programs is the prime contractor for the RCAF's Contracted Flying Training and Support (CFTS) program at the Portage la Prairie Southport Airport in southern Manitoba. The Level 7 FTD was ordered by Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc. of Halifax, Nova Scotia, a CFRS subcontractor. The RCAF Simulation Strategy 2025 announced in 2015 calls for the optimization of simulation across all air force training activities.

The Frasca FTD is scheduled to be installed Bluedrop by March 2018 and be ready for training in April 2018. The JetRanger FTD will have the capability to allow pilots to safely practice realistic helicopter emergencies in variety of regions and weather conditions and prepare pilots for winter “white out” conditions in blowing snow.