Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) has released a new version of VBS IG, which shares a common baseline with Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3) and inherits the many improvements of the latest version of VBS3.

VBS IG  provides common visualization technology for the land, sea and air training domains with a highly efficient workflow. It provides high-fidelity, game-quality 3D visuals for out-the-window and multi-channel views for all types of simulators. VBS IG leverages commercial video game technology to create highly realistic cinematic effects for representing the real world.

Developers can use the VBS IG software development kit, an open and modular C++ development framework with plugin API architecture, to fully customize and extend VBS IG solutions.

"VBS IG v17.1 is our most successful release yet, with significant improvements over our previous releases," said Cory Kumm, BISim's vice president of Corporate Development. "The first major benefit in this release is a merging of our technology baselines from IG and VBS3, which means that any enhancement made to VBS3 is now also part of VBS IG. This ensures that both VBS3 and VBS IG work seamlessly together. The second major enhancement is a rewrite of our internal communications protocols to provide substantially more entities running at higher frame rates in real time."