4C Strategies has been chosen to be part of the delivery of the new Unit Based Virtual Trainer (UBVT) to the British Army. UBVT will enable units to collectively practice fire and manoeuvre, command and control, and tactics, techniques and procedures in a realistic synthetic environment.

UBVT will manage and provide a diverse range of exercises designed to prepare Regular and Reserve personnel for future operations. UBVT exploits the MOD's Defence Virtual Simulation, a game-based military simulation run on a network of laptop computers.

4C Strategies will support NSC with the provision of Exonaut, a comprehensive training progression and exercise management tool. The planning and programming tool, already in use in NATO, will be used to book and modify UVBT events. This will be complemented by 4C Strategies' unique Training Progression and Exercise Management toolsets, which will manage and track collective training achievements.

"UBVT will deliver a training event to a unit that will focus and challenge all levels of personnel. Activity can be conducted or a mission rehearsed in any environment without constraints such as a shortage of vehicles, training estate or ammunition. Innovative systems like UBVT will raise exercise start standards, enable more challenging training, ultimately enhancing a soldier's effectiveness on the battlefield," said Major Simon Roberts who works in Simulation, Training and Development for the British Army.

"The inclusion of Exonaut within UBVT, provides an enabler for coherence within the Army Training progression. We are delighted to be working with 4C Strategies, an organisation with a similar delivery-centric mindset to our won, in order to deliver this capability," said Jeremy Spurr, NSC chief executive.