VT MAK has announced the official release of VR-Engage 1.0, MAK's new multi-role virtual simulator.

VR-Engage lets you play the role of a first-person human character; a vehicle driver, gunner or commander; or the pilot of an airplane or helicopter. VR-Engage can be deployed as a trainee simulator, as a role player station, an instructor aid, a desktop simulation game, even as a VR headset experience. Built on mature proven technologies, VR-Engage gets its simulation engine from VR-Forces, and its game-quality 3D graphics from VR-Vantage.

VR-Engage can run standalone - without requiring any other MAK products, and is fully interoperable with third party CGFs and other simulators through open standards.

Although VR-Engage comes ready-to-run out of the box, its design is versatile, allowing system integrators to add modules and complementary products, and to customize and extend VR-Engage to meet program-specific requirements.