Cementing an already strong partnership in EMEA, Antycip Simulation has announced its achievement as the first and only partner of Scalable Display Technologies, Inc. in Europe to complete the company's Advanced Comprehensive Training (ACT) programme. This enables Scalable Display Technologies and Antycip Simulation to fully support a growing number of European simulation customers using multiple projectors and auto-align.

As Antycip Simulation's preferred warp and blend supplier, the two companies have long worked in alignment sharing a commitment to excellence and outstanding image quality for end customers.

The synergy, which inspired the ACT programme, is a vital link between the two companies, as Scalable's CEO Rick Posch, explained: "Antycip Simulation's core value is built upon its expertise, supportive partnership working method, and ability to provide a solution that meets the customer's needs and resources. With this at its core, as well as its stnading in the simulation market, Antycip Simulation extends and promotes Scalable's contritbution to its full range of simulation projects, including some of the most technically challenging ones across Europe, while maintainig the brand promise and standing of Scalable - thanks to the ACT programme - to deliver the very best in warp and blend solutions."