Rostvertol and Russian Helicopters, part of the Russian state corporation Rostec, produced the first of the new Mi-28UB helicopters. The primary purpose of this new model is for flight instruction and training personnel.

“The Mi-28 proved its efficiency, so we are expecting that its training version will be of great demand [for] armies,” said Andrey Boginsky, CEO of the Russian Helicopters.

After passing state tests, the Mi-28UB entered batch manufacturing in 2016 at a plant in Rostov, Russian. Designed for the Russian Aerospace Forces, the company is planning to deliver eight of these helicopters, also nicknamed Night Hunters, by the end of the year.

This model is a dual control helicopter, which Boginsky said will break new ground for training flight personnel in this type of machine. There lies the difference between this and the traditional Night Hunter, the Mi-28NE. The duel control system allows for two simultaneous pilots, one from the command cockpit and the other the operator’s cockpit.

Other improvements include enhanced ergonomics with energy-dampening seats in the cockpit, which increases shock absorption in the event of a crash landing, and new airborne avionics and communication tools to increase the helicopter’s reliability, safety and performance.

Mi-28 helicopters are designed for military tasks, day or night, to provide fire support for ground forces and anti-tank defense.