Bagira delivered three additional Israeli-Engagement Skills Trainers (I-ESTs) to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

This comes off of the success form the I-ESTs in the infantry training program, so the IDF is expanding the initiative to three additional sites, including the Artillery Corp Training Base (Shivta), the Advanced Armor Training Base (Shizafon) and the Border Security and Patrol Training School (Sayarim).

“The I-ESTs continue to guarantee our customer will have the most efficient training in order to improve the soldiers' engagement skills", said Mr. Yaron Mizrachi, Bagira Systems’ General Manager. "By expanding the sites' deployment and including the I-ESTs as an important part of the training program, the IDF confirms its confidence in our ability to ensure the trainees' Mission Readiness".

Led in Israel by Bagira Systems in corporation with Cubic Global Defense, the I-EST project is a large-scale production that helps tens of thousands of trainees every year.

It’s based off of the EST 2000 system by Cubic, a small-arms training simulation. Bagira modified it to meet the requirements of the IDF. Each trainer is designed to train engagement skills using a wide variety of simulated weapons including M4, M16, Tavor, Micro-Tavor, LAW A9 and A6, Negev and more, and utilize each in different scenarios.

It was also designed taking modern events into account, with specific scenarios addressing terror attacks that were based on actual events and created alongside IDF. Through these simulated events, the trainer can test a soldier’s quick decision making and tactics execution in real time. All the while producing data for instructors to evaluate performance.