Meggitt Training Systems is set to demonstrate the FATS 100MIL and portable FATS 100P small-arms training systems at the Association of the U.S. Army Annual Meeting & Exposition (AUSA) this October.

Both products boast new and expanded features to better train military personnel.

FATS 100MIL small-arms training system has program-of-record certifications from the U.S. Army Engagement Skills Trainer and the U.S. Marine Corps Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer. It contains an advanced 3-D marksmanship game engine, enhanced diagnostics with automatic couching and collective training. All the while gathering real-time data to highlight trainee results for reinforcement or correction.

The FATS 100P virtual training system delivers weapon handling, shot placement analytics, marksmanship automatic coaching tools and enhanced graphic capabilities. The portable system comes in a case the size of a large range bag, light enough for one person to transport, set up and operate.

“The FATS 100MIL and 100P demonstrate the range of simulation training solutions Meggitt provides to military customers globally,” said Jeff Murphy, president of Meggitt Training Systems. “Development and deliveries of these new FATS products builds on the legacy of more than 5,100 virtual systems fielded for Meggitt customers around the world. As threats evolve, military forces can trust Meggitt to deliver the best options for virtual and live-fire training.”

FATS-compatible training weapons on display at AUSA will include a mortar, Colt M4 carbine and Beretta M9 pistol.