Elbit Systems is showcasing its products at the Interservice Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2017, which takes place November 27-December 1 in Orlando, Florida.

For airborne and land training and simulation centers, Elbit is will display the Targo and Embedded Virtual Avionics (EVA) suite for advance aircraft systems training, such as virtual radar, optical sensors and electronic warfare systems. The company will also present the SkyBreaker Mission Training Center and the Land Mission Training Center.

In a multimedia presentation, the company will feature the Live Combat Training System, a flexible training suite that is scalable for thousands of concurrent trainees. The system records training sessions, from troop positions to a weapon’s impact, providing detailed statistics on performance.

The company will also showcase Artist, a virtual training suite for commanders and gunners; IronVision, a head mounted display for armored fighting vehicles; and Homeland Security Simulation System (HLS2), a 3D training program for first responders and emergency agencies. HLS2 can also simulate the public and media response for a realistic environment for responders to operate in, which enhances readiness.

Elbit Systems will be at booth #2000.