Esterline Simulation Visual Systems, a business of Esterline Corporation, launched its new high-resolution Treality SEER Dome displays this week at I/ITSEC 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The TREALITY Small Environment Enhanced Reality (SEER®) -Series is a family of compact, front projected dome visual displays specifically developed for the fast jet simulation market.

The Treality SEER domes come in a 1.5 meter or two-meter radius, use a minimal floorspace and are equipped with multiple projector configurations. Esterline is complementing its current range of LCoS projector-based Treality SEER domes with a new range of Treality SEER domes that are equipped with 4K UHD DLP solid state illuminated projectors. The new Treality SEER dome family includes configurations ranging from 5 projectors up to 9 projectors and can achieve fields-of-view of up to 270° horizontally and 130° vertically with system resolutions as high as 4 arcmin/OLP.  By using 4K UHD DLP solid state illuminated projectors, the running costs can be kept to a minimum while maintaining excellent image quality.

The new Treality SEER dome family is compatible with applications that require separate night-vision-goggles (NVG) image generator channels and can also display full 3D stereoscopic simulation images.