The DiSTI Corporation will showcase the industry's first multi-platform Team-based Virtual Maintenance Trainer™ that is able to develop and publish training content across multiple device platforms simultaneously. Powered by VE Studio®, the UH-72 Lakota/Eurocopter EC145 helicopter virtual maintenance trainer on display will allow visitors to move and interact seamlessly between the various training environments to quickly compare and contrast each station. Stations will feature a Virtual Reality (VR) Zone with an HTC Vive and an HP VR1000-100 alongside a Mixed Reality (MR) Zone using Microsoft's HoloLens. The team-based virtual maintenance trainer also incorporates lessons on a tablet device as well as a traditional classroom desktop-based environment with both Instructor Operator and Student Stations.

The original UH-72 VMT was developed for the Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site (WAATS) and PEO-STRI by DiSTI Professional Services utilizing VE Studio. DiSTI has dramatically expanded the commercially available VMT program for the Eurocopter EC145 to include team-based virtual maintenance training capabilities allowing multiple students to interact on training exercises/procedures in 3D virtual space using the latest virtual or mixed reality hardware.

DiSTI will also be showcasing their latest release of GL Studio which builds upon it User Interface development capabilities. GL Studio 6.1 now include DirectX integration; providing native rendering support to integrate GL Studio content with any scene graph or game engine. Additionally, GL Studio 6.1 now has over 100 packages with customizable behaviors and one click deployment for desktop applications, safety-critical and embedded systems.

DiSTI will feature GL Studio and VE Studio theater presentations in their I/ITSEC booth each hour. Visitors can stop by booth 1281 to receive their 2017 commemorative pint glass.