Saab will be showcasing its new high fidelity training system BT 46 Mk III, at the I/ITSEC 2017 exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

At the beginning of 1990 Saab developed the first laser simulator system that accurately represented ballistics and time of flight, BT 46. After years of experience and listening to the customers, Saab now introduces the third generation and most accurate, high fidelity training system - BT 46 Mk III.

Among many features, BT 46 Mk III has higher precision, wireless technology and augmented reality injected into sights. The accuracy is increased and the set-up and control functions are done via smart phones and tablets. The system is configurable for different vehicle platforms and customers can reuse units from previous generation. The new system support simultaneous dual laser codes - i.e. SISO and MILES.

BT 46 Mk III has been developed for all weapons, from machine guns and remote weapon stations, to Main Battle Tanks.