NSC’s Unit Based Virtual Training (UBVT) system reached full operational capability after completing a series of events demonstrating its proficiency in providing personnel with a means to train in realistic synthetic environments.

The system trained over 450 service men and women across the U.K., Germany and Cyprus in the past four months It uses the U.K. Ministry of Defence’s Defence Virtual Simulation tool, and replaces NSC’s previous program, Joint Combat Operations Virtual Environment (Op JCOVE). Op JCOVE was used to train more than 16,000 U.K. personnel over eight and half years before they were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

With the help of the Defence Virtual Simulation tool, the system runs on a network of laptop computers where trainees can communicate through headsets with an emulation of the Army’s Platform Battlefield Information Systems Application. This lightweight system means troops can turn any location into a training venue.

UBVT uses a progression and exercise management system that can track collective training achievements and provide objective evidence for after-action review activities. Giving trainers the ability to closely track and adjust to trainees.

UBVT will provide virtual training to troops until at least 2020.