The United States Federal Aviation Administration awarded the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet full-flight simulator an interim Level C qualification. FlightSafety International and Pilatus it expect to be qualified by the European Aviation Safety Agency in early 2018.

FlightSafety’s simulation engineers and developers worked closely with Pilatus to develop the PC-24 simulator program. It is equipped with FlightSafety’s latest technology including the VITAL 1100 visual system, electric motion and control loading and new Instructor Operating Station.

The pilot and maintenance technician training programs also utilize MATRIX, FlightSafety’s Integrated Training System, which offers Graphical Flight Deck Simulators, as well as desk top simulators used in classroom instruction and the SimVu simulator flight debriefing system. Pilatus PC-24 operators also benefit from the new FlightBag App, which offers features that increase the effectiveness of courseware material delivery, presentation, use, and post-course review.

Training is scheduled to begin at FlightSafety’s Learning Center in Dallas, Texas during the first quarter of 2018.