L3 Link Training & Simulation (L3 Link) has been awarded a Swiss Air Force contract for the Service Life Extension of the Swiss Hornet Operational Training Systems (SHOTS). The SHOTS consist of four fully networked mission simulators designed for immersive mission training, and the upgrade is scheduled for delivery in 2020.

The SHOTS program will upgrade the current visual system to L3 Link's SimuSphere® HD 9-facet visual system display, update the high-definition database and install the Aural Cueing upgrade kit to provide aircrews with a fully immersive training environment. In addition, the program will upgrade the trainers with the latest Operational Flight Program (OFP) and include a complete technology refresh of the hardware and software systems to ensure the trainers are supportable through 2030.

SHOTS supports basic, conversion and advanced pilot skills training. Using state-of-the-art simulators and brief/debrief systems, pilots will practice and be evaluated on takeoffs, landings, low-level flight, emergency procedures and tactical employment of the aircraft. The SHOTS network capability also gives pilots the ability to conduct mission-level team training, as well as the ability to work in real time with other supporting assets.