Elbit Systems Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), the Seagull, participated in a joint exercise between the Israeli and British Royal Navies in Haifa Bay along the Mediterranean coast.

An exercise in charting safe waters, Elbit’s USV scanned the surroundings for a safe course through the bay. The Seagull was remotely operated from a Mission Control Station onshore. It sailed ahead of the Royal Navy’s HMS Ocean in a Mine Counter Measure (MCM) mission, altering the helicopter carrier whenever it encountered a mine-like object. It also took part in a tactical maneuvering exercise and sailed in formation with Israeli Navy vessels and British Navy’s carrier.

Elbit said the Seagull proved to be a multifaceted ship, capable of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) missions, Electronic Warfare (EW), Maritime Security (MS), Hydrography and other missions alongside MCM tasks. Ships and rehearsals such as these help to reduce the risk to human life while cutting procurement and operating costs.