CM Labs Simulations Inc. entered into a partnership with Netherlands-based seating specialists EBLO to open a new demonstration room showcasing an immersive Vortex simulator for port equipment.

Vortex simulators for port equipment help trainees learn operator skills through realistic and accurate simulated training environments. The realism of the simulators is powered by CM Labs’ Vortex Studio simulation and visualization software. It simulates the real behavior of cranes, rigging, cables, and loads, validated against empirical and engineering data.

With EBLO’s line of crane seating, the new demo room showcases the Vortex simulator, running rubber-tyred gantry (RTG), ship-to-shore (STS) and mobile harbor crane (MHC) training packs, and more.

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with EBLO,” said CM Labs CCO Arnold Free. “Their strong presence and customer relationships further strengthens our mission to focus on aggressive exposure for our port training solutions within the European market.”