MASS, a Cohort plc company, supported the U.K. Royal Air Force (RAF)-led Exercise Eagle Warrior at the RAF College, Cranwell. The exercise lasted two weeks, focusing on how wars might look in 2030, while testing a variety of concepts and platforms in a wargame-based environment.

Over 200 personnel participated in the event, including several senior members of the RAF leadership team, the U.S. Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force and more.

“Eagle Warrior was designed to enable a truly joint and integrated fight, collecting evidence to contribute not only to Air-Land and Air-Maritime integration but also multi-domain (Space and Cyber) integration in a complex battlespace,” said RAF Air Commodore and Game Director Jules Ball. “It was executed brilliantly."

MASS recently extended its existing Joint Warfare Support contract that provides training and exercise support to the U.K. Ministry of Defence’s Joint Forces Command (JFC). Through this contract, MASS facilitated Exercise Eagle Warrior, in conjunction with Joint Warfare Support team partner DXC, by providing a classified LAN capability as part of the underpinning Exercise Information Management structure.