Personnel from five Royal Navy ships took part in the latest validation exercise on the U.K.’s new aircraft carriers. The U.S. Navy ran the U.K. Carrier Strike Group (CSG) exercise that also included the French, Danish and German navies operating from the U.K. Maritime Composite Training System site at HMS Collingwood.

Alongside personnel from HMS Queen Elizabeth were members the Type 45 destroyer HMS Dragon and Diamond and Type 23 frigate HMS Montrose. Those taking part in the exercise were visited by Rear Admiral Patrick Piercey, Director for Operations U.S. Pacific Command.

"It was an excellent opportunity to review concepts of operations at different threat levels for CSG operations Key themes discussed focused on the need for range for the Carrier Air Wing and future operational environments,” said Colonel Philip Kelly RM, CSG Strike Warfare Commander.

“The Admiral had a very keen understanding of the challenges we both face and was impressed with U.K. CSG’s progress thus far. I think we the UKCSG will be a welcome addition to any allied force as we bring significant combat power.”

Destroyers and frigates will be escorts for both HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales when they deploy.