Ryan Aerospace (Australia) has launched the HELIMOD Mark III, a helicopter simulator targeted at teaching pilots the art of vertical reference and managing external sling loads.

The simulator has a virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display which gives a full sense of immersion brought about by the 3D, stereoscopic nature of the VR goggles. The pilot has the ability to "look around" the aircraft and more importantly, can lead out the side and look directly underneath the helicopter. The device is modular and reconfigurable (aircraft-specific modules and controls can easily be added or interchanged) including main instrument panels, avionics suites, GPS etc. The cyclic, collective and pedals can be detached from the main frame and interchanged in just minutes.

The HELIMOD Mark III has attachment points on the base of the unit for easy integration with motion platforms such as the D-Box system. The three actuators provide important pitch, roll, heave and vibration cues. The device can also be used with LCD screens or projectors for the out-the-window visuals instead of / as well as the virtual reality headset.

Units are shipping worldwide and can be ordered via Ryan Aerospace in Australia or Precision Flight Controls in the US.