Charles River Analytics, a developer of systems solutions, is using its Cyber Adversary Modeling and Simulation toolkit, CyMod, to construct a cyber defense tool that models realistic behavior for the United States Air Force. The company is also using its probabilistic programming language, Figaro™, to build relational models of network systems and their impact on strategic weapons.

Modern adversaries are advancing their proficiency in cyber-attacks against U.S. networks – a challenging threat for the military’s strategic systems, which often depend on networked technologies or embedded systems. Under the Game-Theoretic Reasoning and Analysis of Vulnerability (GRAVITY) effort, Charles River is identifying vulnerabilities in strategic systems and increasing these systems’ resilience to cyber-attacks. GRAVITY is a game-theoretic vulnerability analysis platform that executes models of adversary and defender behaviors and lets analysts identify, visualize and prioritize vulnerabilities and defensive counterstrategies.