SCALABLE released new versions of QualNet 8.2 and EXata 6.2. The updated versions of the network modelling and simulation tools offer enhancements to existing libraries, additional cyber-attack models and traffic modelling tools.

Users can visualize results in new ways, simulate the latest communications technology, import common traffic capture and network diagramming models. The updates provide improved productivity and an enhanced approach to cyber-attacks and network modelling, simulation, test and analysis.

The QualNet 8.2 and EXata 6.2 releases incorporate new features and performance improvements that include:

  • 11ax PHY and MAC Models - Provides the ability to analyze dense deployment scenarios such as office buildings and apartments.
  • Packet modification Cyber Attacks - Exfiltration, modification and injection of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) packets from live streams to include data modification, cyber-induced delays and packet injection.
  • Heat Map - Visualization capability to represent signal coverage.
  • Visio Network Topology Converter - Utility to support the conversion of network diagrams into modelled scenarios.
  • PCAP Traffic Mapper - Application traffic models derived from network traffic captures.