Presagis released the newest version of its modeling and simulation (M&S) software portfolio, M&S Suite 17, that includes hundreds of new features and enhancements to parameters, options and interfaces to improve user experience and help users work more logically with more flexibility.

M&S Suite 17 – comprised of industry-standard software such as Creator, Terra Vista, STAGE, Vega Prime and Ondulus – provides an open, modular and standards-based simulation development framework that supports a full-range of applications across air, land and sea for the defense, security and intelligence markets. Each product in the Suite offers new capabilities that focus support on high-fidelity visuals, sensors and simulation.

M&S Suite 17 also expanded with four major additions:

  • Ondulus NVG (night-vision-goggles): gives users the ability to add realistic physics-based night-vision sensor simulation to their research, training or mission planning environments.
  • Terra Vista Builder: lets customers operating large database production capabilities independently build multiple projects at once on large server farms.
  • Ondulus Radar Pro: groups all previously existing radar modes and adds four new ones into a single package.
  • 3D Models Library: a simulation-ready asset library that features over a thousand models and offers military and civilian vehicles, weapons, vegetation, buildings and accessories that will help build large realistic simulation environments.