The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) accepted into service a new C-130J Fuselage Trainer (FuT), designed, built and delivered by CAE and tailored to meet the RAAF’s training requirements. CAE also provided desktop trainers and instructor tools, and will provide maintenance and support services on the C-130J FuT.

Airbus Australia Pacific provided the physical hardware by using two ex-RAAF C-130H airframes to recreate the fuselage, and Lockheed Martin provided consulting services and spare parts used in the production of the fuselage trainer.

“Our C-130J Hercules are some of the busiest aircraft in Defence, and having a Fuselage Trainer relieves the burden of using a real aircraft to conduct essential training,” said Minister for Defence Marise Payne.  “The Fuselage Trainer is an exact replication of the cargo bay and systems in a real C-130J Hercules aircraft and will provide loadmasters with a purpose-built classroom ideal for training.”