As part of Leonardo’s work with the Italian Air Force (AF) to deliver advanced training and simulation, the company supported the Italian Air Force’s participation in the ‘Spartan Alliance’ virtual air exercise by providing its Realistic Intelligent Agent Computer Environment (RIACE) system in the exercise.

RIACE  is a distributed training solution that generates complex, realistic scenarios of operational missions in a collective training artificial environment, allowing pilots at geographically-separate bases to train in virtual scenarios. In the exercise, the system brought together a number of different sites and assets into a merged synthetic environment, including Tornado, Eurofighter, T-346 and Predator aircraft, the Integration Test Bed at the Pratica di Mare air base, C2 systems, missile-defense systems and Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) units. The system demonstrated its ability to deliver collective training in an artificial environment, allowing pilots flying in aircraft simulators at geographically-separate bases to train inside a common virtual scenario. Interaction within the simulated environment was ‘man-in-the-loop’, meaning that real people were engaged within an artificial environment. RIACE can also be used to test new systems and experiment with new tactics.