Mundus Group Inc., a provider of advanced aerospace technology, won a $1.5-million contract from the U.S Army for its Telescoping Wing Locking System that enables reliable wing extension and retraction of a telescoping wing in flight. Mundus will provide the Army with its patent and technology.

The Telescoping Wing Locking System can be used on aircraft with telescopic wings that collapse and expand in a telescoping method. Companion wing segments are locked in place when gas is supplied to inflate a bladder that is located between overlapping sections of the wing segments. Wing segments can be moved and unlocked when gas is removed from the bladder. The wing segments may be locked in any position when a section of one segment overlaps a section of the neighboring segment.

The Telescoping Wing Locking System is a wing articulation solution that solves the challenge designers had when implementing additional safety features. Earlier designs could not reliably retract under operating loads without reducing clearance tolerances of the mechanism. Mundus Group says this system improves vehicle safety by providing lift to the ducted fan's primary Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) thrust, allowing pilots to more effectively control forward flight to glide and land safely.