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The British Army will host Medical Innovation 2018 at Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham on 2-3 October. The conference, led by The U.K. Ministry of Defence’s Defence Medical Services (DMS) will present the latest research on the patient and caregiver’s journey and innovation that seeks to improve the outcome for both. The conference will cover a range of topics under the theme of prolonged care – starting with preparedness and finishing with rehabilitation will have experts illustrate the challenge and solutions with real-life vignettes.

Discussions will explore how wireless sensor technology, developed by the Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London, can monitor and aid the care of individuals in remote and extreme locations. Research Associates, Dr Bruno Gil-Rosa and Dr Salzitsa Anastasova-Ivanova of Imperial College London discuss the clinical relevance of data generated by small-form wearable sensors to aid the delivery of medical attention to military and civilian patients.

Major Natalie Taylor, a member of the British Army’s six-member female team to cross Antarctica will share insights into the 61-day expedition with visitors at Medical Innovation 2018. The Ice Maiden session will showcase will the physiological monitoring sensor technology used to measure the team’s heart rate, respiration and skin turgor, as wells as glucose, salt and sodium levels remotely. The Ice Maiden team will talk about the endocrine effects of arduous military training on women explore the data collected from the Ice Maiden expedition, in an effort to understand the nuances of female hormone physiology in arduous training.

Exploring the history of medical innovation, Dr Emily Mayhew, Resident Historian with the Institute of Blast Studies, Imperial College London will provide a fascinating account of the history of medical innovation and how the healthcare system has evolved, in light of the First World War Centenary. For more information on this year's conference programme and to register for the event visit http://www.medical-innovation.eu/