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The MARS Conference (Prague, Czech Republic, 17-19 October 2018) is focused on discussions and presentations in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics and industrial automation including harmonization of current/future needs, legal aspects and technological capabilities.

The MARS conference will reflect the amount of proves clearly indicating a very early start of trends which fundamentally change the nature of security, communications, transport, labor market, social environment and interactions with machines.

The MARS conference will be held in conjunction with the FUTURE FORCES FORUM, an international event focused on trends and technologies in defence and security and providing a global networking opportunity for International Organisations, Government, Military, Police, Academia, R&D and Industry in Prague, 17 -19 October 2018. Besides expert events, Future Forces Exhibition will present more than 200 international brands.

The Conference. with a wide active involvement and participation of NATO, EU and national experts consists of following topics:

17 OCT 2018 – Moderated Discussion Forum/PLENARY – Topics at Strategic Level

  • UAVs/Drones – Potential of the Future; Civil-Military Cooperation Artificial Intelligence - Pros & Cons ­Regulatory Processes ­Ethical, Moral and Legal Aspects of UAVs/Drones Usage
18 – 19 OCT 2018 - THEMATIC SESSIONS – Topics at Operational Level
  • Unmanned Systems (UAV, UGV, USV) – Potential of the Future vs. Threats ­Autonomous and Robotics Systems – Implementation in the Security Forces ­Advanced Robotics Projects and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Command and Control ­Cyber Resistance of the Robotic & Autonomous Systems (RAS) ­Capability Development according DOTMLP (Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, Facilities and Policy) ­Bio Robotics; and Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous Systems
Key note speakers:
  • Prof. Ronald C. Arkin - Regents' Professor & Director of the Mobile Robot Laboratory, Associate Dean for Research & Space Planning, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  • Prof. Agostino Bruzzone - President of Simulation Team & MIPET Full Professor, DIME, University of Genova, ITA
  • Dr. Thomas H. Killion - Chief Scientist; NATO Science and Technology Organization, NATO NAVY CAPT Vincenzo Milano – Director, NATO Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence, NATO
  • Dr. Earl W. Powers - Research Fellow, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Center for Emerging Threats and Opportunities (CETO), USA
  • Mr. Paul D. ROGERS – Director of U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), USA
  • Mr. Ignacio MONTIEL SANCHEZ – Project Officer “Experimentation, Systems of Systems, Space, and Modelling & Simulation”, European Defence Agency, EU
  • Mr. Christoph Sulzbachner - Senior Research Engineer, Autonomous Systems Center for Vision, Automation & Control, Austrian Institute of Technology, AUT and others
More information, topics, abstracts

Two science events are in parallel to MARS:

  • MESAS 2018 = Modelling & Simulation for Autonomous Systems Conference
  • WAMS 2018 = Workshop on Applied Modelling & Simulation
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