Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc., a national security solutions provider, completed an operations, maintenance and flight navigation training of its Firejet unmanned aerial target system for an international customer. The series of training flights enabled the user to independently maintain and operate the target drone system for its own use and to provide operations for other users.

Firejet provides weapons-release training for surface-to-air and air-to air missiles for tactical and potential adversary threat-representative target missions. It can fly a variety of profiles for speed and maneuverability; test multiple weapon systems and carry a combination of internal and external payloads including tow targets, proximity scoring, passive & active (RF) augmentation and infrared (IR) augmentation. The Firejet can be launched from land or shipboard with a pneumatic launcher that reduces operating costs Kratos says the system is lightweight, compact and adaptable to several existing pneumatic launch systems.

Steve Fendley, president of Kratos Unmanned Systems Division, says the company simplified the operations and maintenance requirements and improved the reliability of the system to minimize the time users spend on the target system, which creates a greater number of missions and drone time on stations.