Saab received an order from the General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military University of Land Forces (AWL) in Wroclaw, Poland to expand its GAMER laser-based training capability (LSS) with a new Laser Tactical Simulator (LTS) system. The LTS will help AWL increase the functionalities of its current GAMER live training system and the number of its participants in the exercises.

The AWL uses the GAMER system to train future officers of Land Forces and Territorial Defense Forces. A key functionality of the new system includes the addition of a BT46 ballistic simulator that replicates the weapon and ammunition parameters, time of flight, velocity, trajectory and impact-point of a simulated projectile.

Saab Technologies Poland President, Vice President and Head of Country Unit Poland & Baltic States, Jyrki Kujansuu says the BT46 will support the developing gunnery and combat skills of AWL students.

The LSS and new LST systems will give AWL several laser and radio interfaces for full interoperability with key NATO training partners of Poland.