Simjet Training Systems won a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia to provide the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) Aviation Candidate Management Centre (ACMC) with two Super Hornet simulators, support staff and other peripheral training aids.

ACMC conducts National Aviation Motivational Programs to attract Officer Aviation candidates to consider the Air Force for an Aviation career with the experience is known as the ‘Air Force Simulator Experience’ (AFSE). The objective of the AFSE is to facilitate awareness of Officer Aviation roles across the Australian Defence Force to increase applications from Aviation Candidates to the Aviation Screening Program.

The AFSE is a mobile experience, housed in SimJet’s custom-built trailer, allowing it to travel to big cities and small towns around Australia. It visits a variety of Secondary Schools, Cadet Units, RAAF-supported events and Air shows letting young people of high school age (Years 7 to 12) interact with advanced technology and flight simulation and  talk with service personnel who share their experiences.

Nick Kranenburg, Managing Director of Simjet, has held a strong passion for motivating and educating young people in an aviation career.

“The continued operation of the AFSE in both metropolitan and regional areas aims to encourage Australians from a diverse range of backgrounds to consider a Defence career,” says Wing Commander Mark Broadbridge, OIC ACMC.