Barco, a visualization and virtual reality solutions provider, launched Barco RigiFlex, a rigid and flexible powerwall screen that can be used as an alternative to fixed screens. It is the first rigid, rollable product of its kind, according to Barco, and offers easy transportation, installation and maintenance.

In the virtual reality market, Barco says, rear projection is the mainstream projection mode. The rigid screens used for projection are often compact and smaller than the total required surface. Rigid screens may also require installation and special equipment to transport and install it.

Barco RigiFlex features a flexible surface that can be rolled up for transport, and is available in any size up to 33-by-13 feet. It uses high-polymer fabric and is less than 1 mm thick, making the weight 0.5 kg per square meter. The screen displays images with high-resolution, wide viewing angles and, according to Barco, unmatched color saturation for realistic rear-projection. To meet new operation requirements, the projection screen on the frame can be replaced or upgraded.

Barco RigiFlex can fulfill the requirements for a range of users, says Kurt Doornaert, Barco Director Virtual Experience: “It allows us to install powerwalls in places where competitors need to offer suboptimal solutions (like spliced screens or smaller projection surfaces).”