American, Canadian and Ecuadorian combat medics and hospital corpsmen gathered at a medical site established by the hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) in Esmeraldas, Ecuador to exchange the techniques each country uses for medicine in a tactical environment. Participants included 10 Ecuadorian service members, four U.S. Navy sailors and one Canadian soldier.

U.S. Navy hospital corpsmen and doctors prepared a presentation for Ecuadorian soldiers, sailors and airmen that outlined the medical tactics and training that sailors use to maintain medical readiness. The Ecuadorian service members also shared their medical knowledge and combat medic tactics. One of the main points of the medical exchange covered the eight-step medical algorithm, “PMARCHHP,” which stands for patient and provider safety, massive hemorrhage, airway, respirations, circulation, head trauma, hypothermia and pain medication. All the countries involved follow PMARCHHP or have a similar algorithm for patient treatment.

After discussing medical tactics, the service members demonstrated these techniques and trained each other.

“These kinds of engagements are very important for the Navy and for the U.S. overall,” said Cmdr. Rhonda Lizewski, training and readiness officer aboard Comfort. “They demonstrate our bilateral commitment to our partners and it’s not just us teaching them something, but they are also teaching us.”

The exchange of medical techniques was one of many steps in strengthening relations amongst partner nations and their militaries.